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Some of the first pics who had a great influence on me and my photography were made by August Sander.
The Portraits (People of the 20th century – Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts) as well as the Rhine landscapes.
So I wanted to get a little into the footsteps of Sander and took pics of the Rhine several times.
The Rhine is also my river: I grew up at Koblenz and later lived some years near and in Düsseldorf.
The first attempt happened during my studies, in b/w.
Then after exam I went to the so called Romantic Rhine between Bingen and Koblenz
(and a little bit more to the north til Duisburg) and photographed from dusk to dawn.
Burning a lot of cigarettes during a series of shots with different exposures til about 45 minutes.
Since 2 or 3 years I try to ride along parts of the Rhine to see something new.
I would like to expand both, north and south, of that originally route.