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About Black & White

In the 70s when I began to take pictures seriously I did mostly b/w and had my own darkroom.
„Punk times“ saw me very near: two friends and I had the first punk gallery in Germany, Galerie Art Attack in Wuppertal, in 1978. We always went to the famous „Ratinger Hof“ at Düsseldorf and to concerts around. And the people being there came to our vernissages.

For „Having fun“ I went to fairs and some sorts of carnivals – not systematically but I did like it. And wondered about the affinity between fun and weapons, i.e. violence.

When I did my civil services instead of the army part of my work was to care „for old people at their homes“.

During my studies in photography at Kassel University I was involved in landscape (series „backyards“ for example) but for my exam I did „portraits of young people mid-80s“, friends and others which I met at the disco or so.