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I ride through villages and small towns looking like dead. Sometimes the air is stirring.

Do they sit behind their curled windows und stare behind the stranger disturbing their rest? Sometimes they try to break out, at precisely defined dates, giving themselves kind of extasy out of their smug satisfaction. But I´m not there at that time. Don´t want to be like I did when I was young. You can see some aspects when I drank from this ritualised happiness, in b/w „having fun“.

When I started photography for new I at first collected crosses at the side oft he streets. Crosses who reminded of dead people and crosses who reminded of Jesus. Then, as a son of a hunter who was familiar with that scene, I did collect deer stands, I got some hundred pics of them.

The nucleus of the following series, „Germany by car“ as well as the Marx-and-Engels-Project found me a small town in East Germany. A boy pulled a handcart with his little sister across the street. A flashback to childhood. It took place in a Karl-Marx-Street I realised in the navigation.

With my pictures I would like to show a Germany you experience by riding-through. Our habits of seeing are influenced by that „On the road“-thing, which was translated by photographers like Frank, Friedlander, Winogrand, Eggleston, Shore… So I try to show the German part of it.

I ride through my country and shoot pictures to feel Germany. The country I hate sometimes, which I suffer from, but although not getting tired to love, can´t get away from it. When standing at the side of the street seeing hay bales flimmering in the sun.

And I have to go further, haven´t seen all yet…



Suburbia – that´s capitalism as landscape formation. (Christoph Spittler)